December 07, 2005

What does David Cameron actually think?

To get a more rounded view of Cameron look at what his enemies are saying. They should be trying to put forward the best arguments that they can that he is the devil incarnate, and there fore if there really are any skelingtons in the cubboard here is where they will come to light. So What does David Cameron actually think? So apparently:

David Cameron was in favour and voted for the war
As did Tony and Gordon, in fact a majority of MP's. I wasn't but in retrospect there are good things happening in Iraq so it might end up with a reasonable utility value. Could be a minor problem in future, but only against the LibDems as they where the only party that did not support the war. So no harm there, more LibDem's would be just as good at reducing the New Labour majority as more Tories.

David Cameron wants to pull out of the Centre-Right, European Peoples's Party and join with the minor extreme right fascist parties and those that want to leave the EU altogether.
Ignoring the weird conflation of wanting out of the EU (and therefore more democracy, and a smaller less meddling state) and authoritarianism. Eurosceptisim and trying to form a new political antifederalist block in the (powerless) European parliment at least shows that he wants to block the EU's progress towards becoming a nation state. However on the other hand Cameron is not walking it as well as he talks it, having dropped one of the few solid Tory policies to repatriate fishing policy and get out of the CFP.

David Cameron is enthusiastically supporting George Osborne's comical look into Flat Taxes.
he likes fair taxation, great.

David Cameron was Norman Lamont's policy advisor and speech writer in the run up to the Black Wednesday disaster
This is about him not being a completely 'new broom', hopefully this experence will make him warry of the EU having seen it in action at close quarters.

David Cameron was author of 2005 Conservative Manifesto
Which means that he supports vouchers for education and health. Good, get a bit of the market into both systems and cut out some bureacrats. This is followed by the commical statement that this is to "help the middle class pay for private education using tax payers money", the middle class not being tax payers.

David Cameron never rebels against his party
Could be a problem, he may be loyal, but it also shows he is willing to put party advancement above personal conscience.

David Cameron wants support for traditional marriage
I would rather see marriage as a simple contract like any other contract, and without the government subsidies. However since it does provide a more stable enviroment for bringing up children this is at least better than the current subsidies for being a single parent.

David Cameron is passionately in favour of Hunting
And the problem here is? Hopefully he would reverse the stupid and useless ban on fox hunting, brought in purely to gain short term political capital.

David Cameron voted against elected House of Lords
Hmm bit of a problem here, but surely even he will be able to see that the current system is the worst of all possible worlds and needs replacing.

Wants a strict limit on immigration
immigration is good, but not at a level were the immigrants do not assimilate and become colonists like in Bradford.

Wants to reverse Human Rights legislation.
Well since the Human Rights act seems to only apply to Islamofascists and people genuinely fleeing persecution get no protection what so ever this is not quite as bad as it sounds.
On Privilege
some meaningless prejudice

None of this sounds that modern and compassionate to me. Don't be deceived by this Tory fraud. This guy makes Blair look a novice when it comes to spin.

So some bad points (Human Rights Act, House of Lords Reform) and some good point (vouchers, Flat Tax). By no means perfect but far better than Blair or Brown, and if he really can "makes Blair look a novice when it comes to spin" then that is to the good. Because he is going to have to, since from this point the media honeymoon is over and the socialist media will be out to get him.


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